Notable Advantages


Many people have more choices

  • Some 5,500 homes (10,000 people) have 800m access to a ten minute walk to a tube station for the first time
  • Residents of West Chelsea and East Fulham have more transport choices
  • 700,000 jobs within a 40 minute commute
  • CR2 users would have rapid access to
    • CR1 (at Tottenham Court Road) in 5 minutes
    • Canary Wharf in 20 minutes
    • St. Pancras (Europe and HS2) in 9 minutes (Europe (HS1), and Midlands and the North (HS2))
    • Heathrow
    • Clapham in 3 minutes, on to Gatwick (or via Victoria)
  • Step free access to all the tube and train network.
  • Easier access for Brompton and Marsden patients


Employment in Chelsea becomes easier

  • Lower paid workers, such as teachers and nurses, who cannot afford Chelsea real estate prices can come here to work easily
  • Large employers (schools, 3 hospitals (Brompton, Marsden, Chelsea & Westminster), offices in the North of Battersea, commercial premises) can attract staff more easily
  • Encouragement for the creation of a world-class medical campus around the 3 hospitals


Chelsea is improved as a place to live

  • Fewer buses on Kings Road, and Fulham Road
  • Reduced car traffic
  • Reduced pollution, improved air quality
  • Reduced congestion at Sloane Square and South Kensington tube stations

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