Here is a link to a recent Evening Standard story making the case that a King’s Road Crossrail2 station is vital to cater for passenger growth
Crossrail 2 station on King’s Road ‘vital for passengers’

We are all about transparency so here’s a spreadsheet of our calculations, the source data coming from London Datastore (

We have previously tweeted @c4crossrail2 that overland rail passenger growth into local stations at Waterloo, Clapham and Victoria has similarly been high. Many workers getting to the King’s Road will be coming through those stations as part of their commutes, let alone visitors and residents. Here’s the data upon which we based that argument:

The contribution a station in Chelsea will make to use of the underground network is twofold. Firstly travellers in to and out of the area will have an alternative access, and a less congested journey than current choices. Secondly other parts of the network will have their congestion reduced. This is a particular case for Victoria, currently an important route to the Chelsea area. Victoria is frequently overloaded as the article attached shows. Victoria station was a ‘crowded hellhole’ this morning and Why you should avoid travelling through Victoria