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The station would run from the Fire Station to Waitrose No mention that all of this is underground Leaflet
Large new blocks of flats, offices, retail (equivalent to 5 Peter Jones) would dominate Kings Road…… RBKC would be powerless to stop this happening RBKC have planning control of all above ground structures and a policy commitment to preserve the character of Chelsea Leaflet
Kings Road adjacent to the station site could be closed for 2 years As far as we know this has not even been considered in any planning discussion, let alone declared possible Leaflet
Trains could bring…72,000 people an hour Predictions are for 5,000/hr at the station Leaflet
Boring tunnels…. will lead to settlement and damage. Deep excavation for the station would also cause damage No one can guarantee there will be no damage. Modern techniques make it highly unlikely. The deeper the excavation the less likely for damage to occur Leaflet
Crossrail … is a mass transit system…. Specifically rebutted by Cllr Paget-Brown at the Town Hall meeting. Both Tube and Crossrail are (or are not depending on your definition) mass transit. Their capacities must match. This can be seen in Paris where 4 Crossrail systems interact with the Metro system. Leaflet
Comparisons with Tottenham Cross Road; shopping and construction. TCR is at the end of one of the largest shopping streets in Europe. Despite the popularity of Kings Road there is no comparison.
TCR station is a construction project involving 2 active tube lines, remodeling and extending of an existing station, and construction around and connection to one of London’s highest (and hence deepest) tower blocks. The proposed station in Kings Road is in practically virgin ground and is a single station. It is simply not the same.
….could lead to chain stores and create another cloned High Street The chains are already here; M&S, Waitrose, Boots, L’Occitane, Chez Paul, Poilane, French Connection, Calvin Klein, Muji, Itsu, Prêt-à Porter, MacDonalds and no doubt others. Several of these are to be deplored, but the problem of cloned high streets is world wide, and its solution is to create a distinct environment. That means development. Leaflet
There is no transport case TfL’s own information shows that the West of Chelsea is poorly served by rail transport Leaflet
This is a waste of £1.2b As far as we know the TfL report (and the comparative analysis asked for by Greg Hands) says the No Station option is the cheapest. It (they) does not say it is the best, because that manifestly depends on what criteria one wishes to apply. Leaflet
Partial closure of Kings Road for at least 5 years As noted above this has never been envisaged. Kings Road will remain open Leaflet
…tunnels only 20m below ground level 20m is the minimum desirable depth for limiting both deformation and vibration. The deeper the better but this has to be balanced against stair length at the stations. Leaflet
…divert the direct route There has been no diversion. For better or worse a Chelsea station has always been envisaged Leaflet
Threatens future of Brompton Hospital. The Marsden Hospital opposes the station The opposition of both hospitals has been noted but not to our knowledge attributed. The Brompton at least is an interested party; it has development land to sell. The opinion if attributed is probably of management, not of staff. Leaflet
A 50% increase in business rates in an 800m radius This is a forecast by an outside body. It is not the current declared policy of RBKC. Leaflet
There is no need for it… 2 tube stations within around 600m South Kensington is 750m away in a straight line, and Sloane Square 1100m from the proposed station site. It is clearly much further for anyone to the West of the Town Hall which is an acknowledged rail transport blackspot. Leaflet
No connectivity with these
[District and Circle] lines or any other tube lines
Connections would exist at Victoria as a minimum, and with many other lines along the route Leaflet
….reveals plans to demolish Waitrose and Marks and Spencer on the King’s Road – and even considers the use of the Grade II listed Pheasantry as a worksite for Crossrail 2 construction. In plans announced by TfL none of these events is proposed Press release
The map on the website shows the old safeguarded site….. True. It is not detailed but is there purely as overall illustration Web site. News
The Areas Page uses an old RBKC map showing 800 metres around stations. It is based on the old site at the fire station and not on the current proposal. The map appears to be centred somewhere between Glebe Place and Bramerton Street – why?
The 800 metre circles shown should also be viewed in the context of TfL’s currently published journey planner. This puts significant parts of Chelsea, contrary to the proponents’ claims, more than 10 minutes’ walk from the currently proposed station.
The map is an Apple map. The circles are based on the current proposal, but drawn by us and by that token not accurate. The purpose of the map is only to show that in terms of access (the 10 minute walk rule) to the proposed station, 1) some areas will have increased choice, 2) some areas will benefit directly, 3) some areas will still be poorly served but the proposed station will be their nearest one. Shifting the circle centres a few streets one way or another would not change this Web site. News
The illustration of a station entrance looks remarkably like a slide shown by Cllr Coleridge….. It is indeed, obtained from the Town Hall on request Web site. News
The Dovehouse Green photo shows an entrance straight through the graves on the east of Dovehouse Green… The photo shows the back of the proposed entrance site. No desecration of graves is proposed or even suggested. As far as we know RBKC propose to protect Dovehouse Green completely Web site. News
…both the Royal Brompton and the Royal Marsden are publicly opposed… We have already commented that the opposition is, as far as we know, unattributed, possibly from management rather than staff, and related to their development interests. Web site. News
[…some]opposition to a Crossrail station in Chelsea is “from people with no long term interest in the area”… The word ‘some’ was left out on the site. The remark relates to the high number of Chelsea residents who are not registered voters. As these people are often temporary residents it is an admitted assumption their commitment to Chelsea is less than total. We have an old figure, not a recent one, for how many non-voters there are in the old Chelsea ward; more than 20%. It is unlikely to have gone down Web site. News
…seems to spend much of his own time in France. A bit odd The implication being that NO campaigners live only in Chelsea? Martin Flash’s wife is French, his son lives and works in France, he has strong connections to a business school there, and they have a house there. Perhaps one third of the year is spent in France, the rest in Chelsea. Web site. News