The engineers Arup have provided a report on the impact construction and running would have on the buildings above Crossrail 2. Arup have exerience from participation in the HS1 project, and Crossrail 1. They are also working on Crossrail 2 so could be regarded as an interested party. The document is intended to permit readers to make up their own minds.

Impacts of Tunnels in the UK Arup

HS1 is a relevant refernce as it provides the only operating experience of modern tunnels, running as it does under large sections of housing in East London.

HS1 route

Route of HS1 under East London

Route options. A report from TfL was sent to Greg Hands MP about the evaluation of alternative routes between Clapham Junction and Victoria and you can download it here. It is well worth reading.

Alternative routes between Clapham Junction and Victoria