The Campaign’s Objectives

Keep a watching brief

Problems on Crossrail 1, Brexit and other political events have pushed Crossrail 2 out of the lime light. We will keep watch and post relevant press articles until the project comes to the fore again.

Why we support a positive debate

The site and its supporters tries to address two problems with the Crossrail 2 debate over its route under Chelsea and the proposed King’s Road station.

1. It’s difficult to know London’s needs, including Chelsea, by 2050 and yet responsible citizens must allow the city to plan its future.

2. There is much information from relevant parties, notably TfL’s Crossrail 2 planning group, RBK&C and NoCrossrail2 group, to support their propositions. Some information seems careful and factual but other information is less so when specifically discussing who might benefit or be disrupted, and how Chelsea will be impacted.

This site hopes to provide objective facts and explanatory comments for affected parties.

The management team

Martin Flash; born in Chelsea and resident for the last 47 plus years; career in construction, management consultancy and business school programme direction.

Simon Thomas; Chelsea resident for the last 30 plus years; career in merchant banking, property, and gaming and entertainment management.

Jonathan Kane; born in London and Chelsea resident for the last 20 plus years; career in family-owned manufacturing, and angel investing. Local school governor and director of a national victim support charity..

Andrew Thompson has been a Chelsea resident for 40 plus years. He is a former member of the Chelsea Society committee, and owns and runs a business locally.


The late Leonard Holdsworth was part of the original C4CR2 team. A long term Chelsea resident, in mid 2015 he founded CRIST (Crossrail Informal Supporters Team), the first movement in favour of a Kings Road station.


We are financed only by our own resources so far. Contributions to the campaign would be welcome and in the event of a surplus at the end of the campaign, on the basis of published accounts will be reimbursed pro rata to donations, or given on agreement to a local charity.

Contribute to Costs

If you would like to make a financial contribution please send it to the Chelsea4Crossrail2 campaign account of c4cr2, number 67551260, sort code 30-90-54, or contact us at